How plentiful of you out in that use drugs, and if so, what?

admit it.

I hold tried these drugs but have not go on to use them

salvia Divinorum*

I quit using marajuana more or less a year ago after using for 5 years.

I've never done nor will I ever try:

That is my drug run down. I'm clean as a whistle in a minute. I just drink alcohol but I haven't even touched that within 6 months. I do smoke cigarettes. I use medicinal drugs for medicinal purposes though.

Oh and for some reason I get the impression an urge to give you my age which is 22.
aspirin, acetaminophen, vitamins, herb... or maybe that's not what you designed. drugs are bad, m'kay.
drugs are stupid and they take out you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
I use Prilosec OTC and a multi-vitamin.

I also get pretty dignified off consumption rich foods and chocolate.
What my doctor prescribed to me. Zoloft; Imitrex; Ritalin; and Darvocet
Is this a bust?

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