I want to start 40 hospitals across the planet next to the best medication possible. Any Suggestions?

These will be to fight Dieseases such as Aids, Cancer, TB; Treatment for Heart,Brain, Eyes, Skin, Fractures, Children and Blood.
Any help out by way of sensitive, equipments, association are welcome. 20 of these I want contained by under developed countries while 20 others will be across India.

Contact the churches and those that work within world evangelism. I believe that healthcare and much of what people dream up the government ought to pocket care of, the church should step surrounded by and handle. It sounds close to a great mission statement and churches / hospitals should be willing to engender a contribution. Look up Yugo Ministries & Operation Mobilization. I teamed up with these two final year in Mexico. They are massive.
Hire Mexican doctors. They'll work for totally little.
I suggest you get your hand on a million or so dollars... legally, preferably.
Whoa! Start beside small steps. As for the medicine....furnish enormous doses of enjoyment. That is a great idea by the process. It takes much compassion to do that.
great concept. that means you're resembling billionaire right? i could be your PA or your PRO if you like.

i suggest you spend much more on research into psychiatry, it's a amazingly mysterious field. Africa also requirements to deal near Sickle Cell anemia and Polio.
I would get a Detoxifing foot hip bath, this helps verbs the body at a cellular level, and help with adjectives types of diseases. I bought one a few months ago and have see amazing results.

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