i want to divorce, i want to translate my brief, i am massively depressed, and i don't know what can i do.?

Don't change anything right immediately.
Don't change anything while you are depressed.
Go to your doctor and make clear to her that you are depressed.

Go far a short walk every afternoon while the sun is up or rest outside. Eat nutritious foods. Drink water. If you can drink juiced vegetables and help yourself to vitamins.

Get enough sleep. Between 8 and 9 hours a daytime. .
listen to upbeat music. Christian praise music is great.
If you are choosing something to watch on tv or surrounded by the movies pick a comedy. Funniiest home videos is a great inside stroke for me. Think about things that be paid you laugh. If children's face make you smile. look at little one magazines or childrens pictures. Even the child pictures in weekly store add. IE Sears, JC Pennys, can brink a smile to my face.

Learn to chortle at yourself. Think of something that you have done that make you laugh at your self. Everybody have them. Sometimes I crack myself up. Anyhow, when you learn to roll with laughter at yourself, you'll never cease to be entertain.

Here is a website for oneliners.

Call your Doctor ASAP. There are medacines which can help you perceive better. Only think on flawless things.

God Bless You, It will get better.
gain a divorce
quit your job
purely get over it
gain a life coach, or turn for a vacation within the intention to envision your new life span and how you visualize it to be. Because everything where youa re immediately is distoring the image of what lays ahead of you.

Good Luck
Hey, you nouns kinda like my husband!
i dont know
Become a monk.
Shoot your wife. Prison will clutch care of your undertaking for you!
Dan, should you go to your doctor first? detail him what you're feeling, and see what an outsider think? Depression can play some major tricks on you. Don't stir off varying your entire life within a blink...but changing job is something you can investigate..Divorce is something you need to deduce about, and consult to someone you trust about your mood. Think of the reasons for these things...if adjectives the reasons are impossible to tell apart, maybe it's purely depression...talk to someone first, okay?
With depression you should want counseling first. Depression could be the only problem, not your spouse or chore. People that are depressed tend to blame their job or spouse for adjectives the problems instead of solving the real issue.
When one is depressed is not the time to product any big life change. Big life change can bring on depression by themselves, even good change.

1. See a doc to discuss the depression, whether it is situational (due to a particular circumstance similar to job or marriage) or nonspecific ( for no particular reason)

2. Get the depression treated. After a few weeks, if you are proactive near the depression, you will begin to have a feeling hope again. Hang on.

3. Then, when you can say you are no longer depressed, i.e. the time to evaluate and make change - slowly. One life amendment at a time.

Watch the movie What About Bob - very funny movie more or less a multi phobic guy (Bill Murray) - but there is tradition there surrounded by the baby steps opinion. Watch it, it will make you smile. And remember when anything seem overwhelming, baby steps, only take infant steps.
Pray. Find a good church. Exercise. Read. Try Facing Codependence by Pia Mellody. It is a apt start. It helped renovation my life. Traveling Light by Max Lucado is a great read also. See a consultant. They can help guide you contained by making positive changes within your life. They can also backing you discover what is at the root of your problems so you can deal next to it and it will no longer control your life. Good luck and God bless.
I can support you with proposal if you can explain to me:
1)Why you are very depressed
2)Why you want to divorce
3)Why you want to quit from your existing assignment
4)What kind of unsullied job you will select
You must introspect yourself objectively and honestly.You do not see with the sole purpose the mistakes of your spouse.You must not be selfish.You must pray everyday to our God Almighty asking for calmity and asking for showing a right bridle path.You must wake up after midnight and pray surrounded by a silent condition and let God to solve your problems.You must loyal your life for God by loving and helping others.Please build others be happy beside your assistants in your organization and your family and your surroundings
within society.You must discuss your home problems with your spouse and wish together a best solution.You must discuss also your office issues beside your superior and search a best solution for it.Take everything graceful and in every difficulty within is a certain smooth solution.Do not your office problems bring home and do not your home problems bring to the organization.Let gone be by gone.You must try hard to solve or touch your personal problems and office problems separately..
sometime i woke up tired of being dying inside and sick of life span.. i got up get out then worked on positive then give notice go to a town i dint know a soul got a mission new vivacity.. scary frozen this past 1st yr but presently it all fell into place.. peace..
To divorce and wanting to changeover your job may not necessarily be the solutions.

Better look for the basis of your depression and you'll feel better
budge to a psychiatrist or psychologist. you nee some long term treatment

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