I stipulation back! I cant sleep!?

I have tried Melatonin, Valerian root, unisom and tylenol pm. Any other inborn suggestions.

1) Bananas
2) Chamomile tea
3) Warm milk
4) Honey
5) Potatoes
6) Oatmeal
7) Almonds
8) Flaxseeds
9) Whole-wheat bread
10) Turkey
chamomile tea might help...although if the other things haven't worked chamomile may not be strong satisfactory. you could also try the old stand by, reheat milk.

i don't know your habits and i'd have need of more info to really give a specific answer for you, but here are a couple more suggestions.

spawn sure you aren't drinking any caffeinated beverages after about 1 pm. this includes things next to mild caffeine content such as green tea and soda.

try not to eat too belatedly. sometimes large meal late contained by the evening can keep you up because they see your metabolism into swing.

if you're napping during the day, stop it! you requirement to reset your internal clock.

also, meditation before bed and other visualization/relaxation technique can help. try taking 30 minutes or so until that time you get into bed to chill out. put on some mellow music, turn sour the lights, whatever you do to relax. find yourself in the right frame of mind for sleep.

chinese pills (acupuncture/herbs) can help but would require you look in a professional as its rare to find chinese herbal formulas outside of an acupuncturists department.
Try 5-HTP (it's the stuff in turkey that make you sleepy but the supplement is from a plant). I'd start with 50mg and work up from within if you need to (it can be powerful). I made the mistake of taking 100mg to start near and was asleep for 14 hours straight (and I scrounging straight).
Have you tried the Melatonin sublingual kind from GNC? It works. The other brands might not be truthfull within labeling. Might not be true melatonin or strength, If you didnt try the GNC sublingual kind (the nature that desolves underneath the tongue) I would try that. It sooooo works promise!!
Nyquil! - its the bomb!!!
The only entry that worked for me was Himalayan Goji Juice. It terminated a 2 year bout of insomnia for me.

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