What is the intuitive / homeopathic remedy for treating urinary tract infection surrounded by a cat?

I concur, you have to clutch it to the vet and get antibiotics.
I made alike mistake you are making... my cat died of renal failure because of it. See a veterinarian for it.
Well, I will concur that you should see a vet for a diagnosis. Might not be a UTI, might be renal breakdown, esp. w/ the junk contained by the cat food lately here in the US.

If it is UTI, I would use goldenseal root contained by liquid extract, 2 drops (for 10 lb. cat) within a bit of liquid, squirt it down his throat 2x day after day for 10 days. Put a few drops of colloidial silver in his river for good consider; keep him indoors and hang on to an eye on his litter box; feed moist food simply. If he won't drink, drench him by squirting water into his mouth and rubbing his throat, of late a couple teaspoons at a time, 5 or 6 times daily. If you don't see some amendment in 3 days, take him back to the vet.
homeopathy does not work (for ANYTHING) do not trademark the mistake of thinking it does. the idea trailing homeopathy is that compounds that CAUSE a symptom CURE it when it's given to someone who has that symptom. something that modern tablets says is bull. FURTHER the second thought is that putting this 'medicine' in a suspension and diluting it will engender the side effects LESS but not the symptoms your trying to treat (counter to all particular scientific evidence) even crazier some claim suspensions of 100000:1 of prescription has impossible to tell apart effect as medicine of 1:1. oh yah it get better. suspensions of so low a concentration (where talking more later even trillions to 1 here) can have duplicate effect. hey heres a news flash. the probability of having even one molecule of the artistic medicine within the mixture being in that is zilch, this is the "no medicine medicine". this would be approaching dropping a SINGLE grain of sand into a swimming pool on one closing stages of the pool and scouping out a DROP of water on the other terminate and claiming the water you extracted some how have the medical powers to cure cancer. short answer?

go see a VETERINARIAN. you know someone who can in actuality DO something for your animal besides give it a placebo of expensive alchohol.
There is no innate way ,if you dont bear your cat right away to the vet first it will vomit continuously then it will howl contained by pain til it dies and that could pocket a week.Its much more serious a thing surrounded by cats he cant urinate at all im thinking its a mannish and he's blocked.Its inhumane to even think something like waiting.

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