What's the best solution for a migraine besides drug?

Lay in a shadowy room with a cool drenched cloth over your face. run deep breaths and weakly massage nouns of pain (temples eyes, sinus's)
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Feverfew EXTRACT or tea, taken once day after day should prevent them. Takes about 2-3 weeks to start have effect.

Also find out by process of elimination what is triggering them. Some usual culprits are cheese, red wine (possibly the sulfites), coffee, abiding chocolates, msg, overripe fruit, lunchmeat (sulfites again).

There are some homeopathic remedies made by Boerik & Toeffel and Boiron and Hyland's that have a angelic reputation.
A cool dark room. No clamour. And a cool wet wipe cloth on your forhead and face. This will hopefully allow you to travel to sleep.
Try "craniosacral" therapy, I've gotten migraines since the 3rd level, I had a craniosacral session while I be in squeeze school (had to write a quality newspaper on an alternative therapy) Afterward, it was 6 months up to that time I had another migraine. I didn't even gain the "migraine is coming..." feeling during those 6 months.
Find a certified craniosacral psychiatric therapist, one who has be practicing for a while. Check the yellow page, or call a local polish school for a referral. It may or may not work for you, I can't promise it will work, but it's worth a shot. Cost will ebb and flow depending on your location, going rates, etc. I paid $60 for an hour session and it be well worth it.
- Feverfew herbal supplements

- Acupuncture

- Reduce stress triggers through relaxation

More remedy design can be found here http://www.headacheremedysecrets.com...
putting your hands and or foot in hot wet.
There is a new nouns in migraine analysis:
Try taking a shower in enormously warm dampen. When you get out, drink some chamomile tea (this is especially agreeable if you get nauseau next to your migraines.) and lay down in a cool, ominous room.

To prevent them, try daily feverfew extract. You can find it within many condition stores and even some grocery stores' natural food subsection. There are instructions on the bottle on how to take it undamagingly.
Try smoking some marijuana... its great for migraines, i have a buddy that have a prescription for it because of migraines...

if you cant smoke it, there are medical marijuana shops that go it in miscellaneous forms, such as popcorn, snacks, food. for people that dont want to smoke it...
Peppermint grease is wonderful for head ache. Apply a few drops to your finger an rub it into your temples. You can also put a short time under your proboscis so you smell it.
Works WONDERS on head ache!
Wet a face towel, fold it sleekly and stick it in a ziplock baggie. Freeze it. (I other have a couple surrounded by my freezer.) Then if you have a sinus attack or migrane, put it on your frontage.

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