Does taking magnesium sulphate (epsom salts) for regularity on a day by day proof impossible for your condition?

I have be taking a teaspoon full every once in awhile to maintain me regular but am wondering if too much magnesium sulphate has side-effects.

Recent (2004) research at the School of Biosciences, Birmingham University, UK have shown that both magnesium and sulphate are absorbed through the skin when bathing within 1% solution.

The above means that a teaspoon full every once contained by awhile is not the correct methodology.

You are well advise to reduce your usage and stick to what is roughly recommended and considered safe.

Haven't you hear the song "too much love will kill ya!" - even love can destroy if you overdose :)
Yes, It will erode and decay your innards
too much of anything is never a perfect idea. .Having an epsom saline bath every other year is also beneficial for you.
Shaklee has an adjectives natural product call Herb Lax which I use once a week and it works really well, plus I resembling the fact it is adjectives natural.
I individual use epsom salts externally approaching in the tub to prevent cramps etc
The magnesium I get from the robustness food shop in vitamin form is wonderful for nerves, muscles, depression etc
freshly put fine bran flakes into your food to stay regular. Or eat licorice, currys etc

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