essential oil and rosacea?

are there any essential oil to reduce the reddishness from rosacea temporarily, anyways?

Try making a blend of 2 drops geranium, 3 drops lavender, and 3 drops sandalwood in two ounces of unscented rub oil. Apply to artificial areas three times a day. Be sure to stay cool after application and do not get oil in your eyes. Hope this help!
Try to use Linotar! It helped for my granny and others. Good luck!
Oils usually create it worse. Try anti bacterial soap.
BIO OIL. and try dermablend to cover while your waiting. Also neem oil is supposed to be really suitable for skin problems but it stinks like sulphery garlic.
eo's directly on the obverse isn't the best idea. [A] put 2-3 drops of peaceful eo's on the sides of your pillowcase at night to hand over you a resful sleep (reduces stress), [B] avoid dairy for 2 weeks as a test to see if you remodel, [C] find a licensed acupuncturist with experience within rosacea. ask him/her about stress acupoints, skin points, endocrine points. if you're afraid of needles a short time ago so you know acupuncture needles do not hurt 99% of all general public. you hardly surface them. rosacea is very related to stress, [D] avoid hot coffee, [E] drink enhanced dampen such as Smartwater, [F] research adaptogens such as AMERICAN GINSENG not to be confused with korean ginseng (which might worsen rosacea)
do as ohio healer say. i study the subject and she is on target

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