Is at hand any method to avoid the munchies?

other then not smoking???

Swallow several small sponges beforehand.

That method you'll be full.
keep your self busy or chew gum
nope that's give or take a few it...... just grant in, trust me those after hours trips to the grocery store are worth it.........
not really
yes attain the healthy one's close to rice chip's al natural cheeto's um also life cracker's stuff like that
sort sure you are filled at brunch. eat in one piece grain foods, vegetables (fresh and cooked fresh) fish and chicken. snack on cheeses and total grain crackers.
stay away from illicit drugs lol - caffeine will suppress appetite but healthiest alternative is to distract yourself near a hobby/activity you like and drink plenty of fluids. If you must snack, within is a unique popcorn bowl which uses regular kernals (Orville's the best) and no curvy, oil as it is for the microwave. Tastes best near real butter but becel is nice too, seasonings avail at most grocery stores if you are watching brackish. Major plus side - very little calories, carbs, or margarine (more with legitimate butter obviously) but if eaten slow, you can munch adjectives night. Down side, no significant nutritional meaning so eat a proper dinner.
Yes, try intake 2-4 oz protein 1 hour before indulging. I deduce that works for some folks. (Sorry no personal experience.)
Then if you do get hungry try to own a good complex carbohydrate handy instead of some sugary, white bread type of snack.

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