Are near any herbal remedies, supplements, or amino acids that would hold a similar effect to beta blockers?

I have a thyroid problem which cause heart palpitations and anxiety attacks.

Sunrider foods will nourish, harmonize and cleanse your body on a daily proof. By eating the foundation food products (Calli, NuPlus, Quinary, SunBar, and SunnyDew) they will nurture your body so it can rebuild and repair itself. Your body have the best medicine producing capability. You have to nurture the body a good source of nutrition so it can regenerate itself. One must work on the create of the problem rather than the symptoms. This type of form system is prevention rather than uplifting and fixing.

I would be happy to assist you further. Take meticulousness, Chad.
I would consider it wisest to see a physician first to determine which type of thyroid problem that you have. Is it overactive, underactive? Better all the same, is it actually a thyroid problem? You can check this site out for herb for anxiety attacks.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Good luck!!
omega 3 and beta carotine & the robustness stores added recomendations-which may be purchased by the ounce from the big jar form. this also will help your heart and trim down anxiety, works for me totally=and for saying grace over it =ADD AMAZING GRACE TOO=FOR SAYING GRACE=a point for your heart and soul to flavor you from within=yes the truth you enjoy Isaiah 9:6 "Unto us a child is born, a son is given, and he will be almighty God, the everlasting father, the wonderful counselor, the prince of peace." I prayed and let him into my heart to forgive my sins, even one slouch, and help me and to be my friend. amen. Revelation 3:19&20 "I love you and ask you to repent, behold I stand at your heart door and knock if you ask me within, I will come in and backing you and be your friend."
Romans 1:16 unashamed of the gospel & 9-11th chapters provoke them to greed that havent come to know him yet near your joy and inner peace

prayin for you, David
If you enjoy a thyroid problem, (it sounds like over-function...) you MUST procure that treated properly first and have adjectives neccessary tests done. If you still have need of something to calm you down, try Valerian (drops or tablets).

Here's a pic, but terrifically little info, unfortunately. It is widely used surrounded by Germany (called "Baldrian"). Works well.
treat the thyroid problem, if you seize rid of that and the palpitations are a direct result from it, they will likely dance away too. your levels might be too lofty if youre taking levothyroxine or synthroid or something for hypothyroid.
yes there are of but first you consult your doctor

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