Vitamin C obedient forAnxiety and Depression?

I took an herb called St. John's wort for depression. I'm not maxim the herb doesn't work at all! But it did me no virtuous. I started seeing results when I decided to start taking more vitamins. I notice a HUGE difference after I started taking the Vitamin C capsules. It be Vitamin C with Rose hips. My mental concentration is better, I'm more relaxed and smaller number irritable. Could I have be deficient of Vitamin C? Or is it simply the effects of Vitamin C in common? These tablets are 1000mg tablets. I take one a morning.

Maybe you haven't suffered from severe state of depression, associated with anxiety. At any event, you have experienced annoying symptoms, which lead to depression and hopefully you took measures in good time. I agree with you that St.John's wort is of some assist, but I would like to highlight that it does NOT help surrounded by major, bipolar, severe depression. Fortunately, it worked for you, even near some positive effect, which is a good sign.
As to the Vitamin C and your rise as a whole, I see logic, because I suspect that you could be suffered from excessive stress and sort of "covered" chronically fatigue syndrome ( it is usually mistaken near depression). By taking the Vitamin C, so vital one,helping for immune system, synthesis of collagen,digestion of Ferrum, etc. which cannot be produced by the body itself and need to be taken within various forms you are doing a great favor of your body and mentality too. The average minimal dosage day by day varies from 150mg to 500mg, but as you are an grown and you achieve such an effect it might be observed that for you 1000mg day by day intake is the "perfect" dosage. Keep on...One great advantage of the Vitamin C is that you can't over-dosage next to it.

Hope that is of assistance.
Have a great day!
one of the first signs of vitamin c fewer is depression, it is recommended that adults should take a minimum of 1 gram a sunshine which is the equivalent of 1000 mg.
there is a massively good destiny you could have be lacking some vitamin c contained by your diet which slows your entire system and often leaves you near depression. Using vitamin c boots your entire immune system so less physical exertion it put forth from your body and then your body can budge back to concentration on other things, similar to keeping your mind well fair and happy.
You indeed can't go wrong near Vitamin C, if it's helping with your clarity to be precise all that matter. A really good multi-vitamin will relieve improve your overall condition as well.
St. John's wort is extremely beneficial for those who suffer fatigue, low energy, or insomnia as a result of depression.

Vitamin C near bioflavonoids is a very beneficial supplement for depression. Since "nutritional deficiency may also contribute to depression".

Vitamin C
Dosage: 500 mg 3 times a day.
Comments: Reduce dose if diarrhea develops

Another group of nutrients that you can incorporate to your diet to help lessen the effects of depression are omega-3 fatty acids.

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