I work at a daycare and constantly go and get sick. Know any perfect ways to stir give or take a few boosting my immune system?

I have be sick for weeks now. I work at a daycare and it seem that if the children have it, i win it. I have be working with children (in alike daycare) for about three years in a minute.
I have not long seen a doctor, who put me on an anti-biotic suggesting that I have a sinus infection. The antibiotic did help. However, it have not even been a week since I get over the infection and I now hold a stomach bug.
I am 19 years old and should hold a strong immune system. I try to eat as hygienic as I can (exercise however, is hard to fit in) I frequently clean my hands, and I drop by the doctor regularly.
Even as a child I would always lock in whatever be going around, and it seemed approaching it always hit me harder than anyone else.

I would approaching to know if anybody has suggestions as to what I can do year-round to boost my immune system. (Vitamins, etc...)

White sugar, white flour, and i reflect on white rice can weaken ur immune system, stay away from those things as much as possible, get through whole grain, and drink tea with honey, not sugar...
Drugs reduce the immune system over time...try to use natural medicine as much as possible (ex. herbal remidies)
Wash your fruits and vegetables thuroughly...umm, what else, eat things next to alot of anti-oxidents (grapefruit, blue berries, dark chocolate, etc...) If you can find HIBISCUS FLOWER TEA, that's great for cold, and cleaning out the body of any impurity. It tastes similar to cranberry, drink it with honey, not sugar..stern sure your house is clean, vacuum regularily, especially around and underneath ur bed, cuz dust and dirt can give u a sinus infection if u breath it within a lot, when ur sleeping...economically thats all i know...
it's call Cold MD you can get it over the counter, it's strange but it works!
take multi vitamins

when I be working in a morning care I be always getting sick too..and multi vitamins help me out a lot!
Take Zycam
Get some vit! Kids manufacture me sick too!
You need to keep hold of your hands verbs. Wash them as often as possible.
Use Airbourne......its a heck of an immune defense medication and its available over the counter.....works wonders
The hottest findings show that massive doses of vitamin D will help near that. I am taking that myself and have have very apt results!
I know what works well for me is something call 'Airborne'. It's kinda like alka seltzer except it's citrus flavored.
You should spawn sure you have a descent breakfast every morning up to that time work. Drink lots of water, and even consider taking each day multi-vitamins. Maybe adding something approaching Ginko-Biloba or an extra vitamin C to the mix - and drink a glass of red juice beside breakfast. You'll feel better, drinking breakfast and keeping up with your vitamins, and it will probably backing you to avoid some of the germs you're getting at the daycare.

Good luck!
Airborne is really good stuff to use, try it.
Eat right, whip vitamins, exercise, get plenty of sleep, and drink LOTS of WATER! Another entry you can do, in complement to those, is to take a product call "Airborne" when you're around sick people. I enjoy been told it help keep you from catching sicknesses. I thought it be just for flying, but apparently it have other uses.

Take care of yourself!
There is also a product call Airborne which might help. If you're not taking some type of Multi-Vitamin, I would start that as resourcefully.

Also, having some paw cleaner like Purell might be kind, as well as making sure the surfaces surrounded by the classroom are sanitized on a regular basis.
vitamin c, e, flax kernel, garlic, but the best way to never procure sick is to buy NOW essential lavender oil. drop almost three drops in an 8 ounce cup of water. cover it beside plactic wrap and every time you pass it bring a drink. lavender oil is an antibacterial and antiviral...the one and only and strongest known contained by nature.
Two things. 1. Avoid the vitamins you find surrounded by grocery stores. They are typically made from synthetic sources. Go to a health food store and ask for the best vitamins that they own. More expensive up front but they work better since they are from food-matrix sources. Easier to digest and they get into your system faster. 2. Glyconutrients. These building blocks will boost your inherent immune system and will help your body correct any current dysfunction. I know from personal experience.
Purell (Hand Sanitizer). Kills germs lacking having to use sea.
TAke immune herbal supplement pills. You can buy them online at the link below. I worked surrounded by schools for years and feel like I be sick every week for the first year. I started taking these pills and my immune system boosted and I wasn't sick nearly as often. There are other types on different herbal medication websites and I think they are adjectives about equal.
As you put your question within alternative, I suggest you to read Louise Hay.
I know many population will tell you it's crap.
I must utter first I was a nurse...
And, one sure piece is that we react to situations at physical, intense and psychological levels.
So, as recurrently the doctors are only remedial the effects, it is maybe interesting to see the underlying reason.
What I know about the benevolent of job you are contained by is that it can be very stressful.
I be also subject to sinus infections and the likes, very soon it is nearly two years it has gone.
It can come also from too bitter food.
My case!
First, PLEASE disregard what Heinz have said about "massive" doses. It may enjoy been a typo - he may enjoy meant Vitamin C - but Vitamin D is one of the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D and E) which can build up toxic level in your body. Most vitamins are water-soluble but these are not, and it is possible to overdose on any of these three. A dosage of D resembling what you would get within a multi-vitamin should help protect you if you aren't getting the 15 minutes of direct sun day by day to provide your own Vitamin D.

That being said...Vitamin C is a powerful immune system support. 1000 mg/day is the recommmended dosage to prevent colds and adjectives infections. Since you have have a history of colds and other infections, you might require 1500 mg. per day. Keep contained by mind that it's virtually impossible to overdose on C.

If you actually get the impression a sore throat or cold coming on, increase the dosage to 100 mg/ every 2 hours, combined with 2 Echinacea capsule. Take 1 zinc lozenge per day. Continue until bedtime, and if symptoms keep trying the next morning, verbs for one more afternoon. Symptoms should disappear.

Linus Pauling, the only creature to win two Nobel Prizes, did extensive research on C and made these recommendations. Personal experience have validated it over and over. You can't avoid germs - they are everywhere! The idea we get sick is not because we gain chilled, or got exposed to a sick character, or touched a dirty doorknob; we get sick because our immune system is supressed and we don't hold enough resistence to disease. A bottle of 500 mg. Vitamin C is single a few bucks - you have nil to lose and a healthy constitution to gain!

Echinacea is an immune system strengthener but is with the sole purpose effective for short-term treatment. Don't thieve it daily. Two weeks is the max, but usually you won't want it that long.

BTW, humans and guinea pigs are the only mammals that don't produce their own Vitamin C.
I am 20 and a former fitness/health instructor. Drinking a serving of red juice contained by the morning and being aware of your foo/drink intake is push button. If you are living off of pizza and nachos and beer or cheetos and soda, you can't expect your body to conflict off anything. Green vegetables, hose, minimal soda and plenty of meat (including red meat, as it contains iron,) stay away from white carbs like processed foods, pastries and hasty food. If nothing else, I used to sing at festival and GNCs "Women's Utra Mega" worked wonders and kept me (and thus, my instrument) healthy. Although they are HUGE pills, if you don't mind swallowing them next to water, later it's all right. Keep washing your hand, and drinking water. Keep liquid to a minimum (like the OJ in the morning, and I don`t know cranberry or pomegranate juice once within a while) and stay away from soda, which actually dehydrates you, (same next to coffee and alcohol.) Good luck!
I don't know about megadoses, but it's true that vitamin D have been found to bolster the immune system. A multivitamin would be a accurate idea. If you drink ginger juice, take a variety next to added D.

Also, when you do find time to exercise are you perhaps overdoing it to engineer up for the infrequency? If so, that will decrease your immune system's efficiency for about 24 hours after. Get your workout within before a time off.

Also, seize vaccinated whenever it's available. It's not 100% but it help.
eat lots of oranges and drink tons of river. take multi-vitamins and calcium, usually sleep help too......
Anti-biotics can wipe out your immune system because the massacre the good microbes with the fruitless. If you take 1-2 T. of solution acidophilus (it comes in strawberry flavor that taste like adjectives yogurt) while you are on anti-biotics and for 10 days after it will keep that from occurring. (A friend of mine who is a nurse told me about this and it stop my son from have reaccuring ear infections.)

As others have suggested taking your vitamins and Airborne also give a hand as well as Emergence-C. I would also notably recommend you taking glyconutrients...they help the cell function and communicate so that they kill sour the invaders that make you sick resembling they are suppose to. If your cells aren't glowing then they can't do their duty.

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