Have you see the movie "Fight Club?" Can you really engender hip bath soaps from liposuctioned human fat?

Many can remember the movie Fight Club, when before making soap Brad Pitt and Edward Norton brake into a liposuction clinic to steel human butter to use in their soap. This is because it is said that the “harder” the soap the better. For this foundation it is said that other animal fats spawn great soaps, beef, pig, etc.

Two of the main ingredients surrounded by the making of soap are sodium hydroxide and animal fat.

Lard and human round are very similar. They hold nearly identical iodine and saponification values.

Lye is also used to saponify fat for the production of glycerine and soap.

Lye is commercially manufactured by the electrolysis of common brackish (sodium chloride).

Unlike lye, lard is not hazardous. We get through it, and it often occur in homemade ointment.

Fats are widely distributed throughout the human body. The largest concentrations occur in the order of the kidneys and below the surface of the skin. Fat is supported within the body by cell structures that involve from 15 to 20 percent of the total mass. Thus, 100 grams of fatty tissue contain from 80 to 85 grams of plump.

For complete process of making soap from human fat, a moment ago switch to the following links:

Yes, you can make soap using any podginess or oil.
Yes....most soaps are made from some type of fatty substance..to be exact where soap begin in the infirm days. Boil it down and process it into another, useful product. Fats are also used to spawn a lot of makeup, i.e. lipstick, etc.
Yes, unsurprisingly you can.
of course, mixing any large with penetrating souse make soap
in recent times add fragrance and other stuff
are u planing to draw from aliposuction and make soap?
Yes it;s true. the Nazi's within WWII made soap from human beings in the holocaust.
The elementary main ingredients surrounded by soap is fat....so yes, you can. But that would be creepy.

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