I took 2 dayquil pills AND drank to 2 Upsot life drinks.?

Basically what I would like to know is, is this not detrimental? If not why?

Don't overuse any drug anytime. Lighten up on the caffeine.
If you have a runny proboscis, tough it out unless you're really dripping snot. Too many activeness drinks and you will be banking stale the walls. Slow down and have a cup of coffee or tea. Cheaper. It's not goo to rely on any drug including coffee and dash drinks, but it seems we adjectives do and believe it or not, we get used to these things and in truth get hooked to them beside a physical addiction and mental addiction.
Are you still alive? If so, then it's out of danger.
Drive yourself to the emergency room immediately and apologize to everyone you see for one an idiot.
its not gonna kill ya but you might own the shakes for a bit

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