If an acupuncturist say you enjoy evil qi (details)?

what does that mean? I know what qi (chi, whatever) is, but what does it stingy if it's supposedly evil?

Then tell him to kiss your big large butt and don't tip him.
It means that you own such an unnaturally imbalanced corporeal electromagnetic resonance that you might as well furnish up living.

Then again, I'd just find a current doc. This one obviously have no idea that Good and Evil are not found surrounded by Qi, but in perception alone.

Good luck finding a virtuous one! Most of the good ones are too fed-up next to ignorant, impatient, and thick people to delve further into their practice.
I wouldnt focus alot on the acupuncturists belief. Qi is what the chinese believe to be energy. All kind of energy. it flows surrounded by you and me. its what makes the world jump round and what keeps disposition doing what it does. While certain aspects of this perception have some truth contained by there roots within is no scientific proof of what the mystical religious group that percieve Qi to be, as real. Many chinese also believe that you own channels contained by your body that circulate Qi. if one of these channels become blocked it disrupts your Qi flow, cause you to get sick. Again I don`t know some metaphorical truths but we are not talking science. To me, it sounds similar to a scam to get your money by repeat visit.
ch'i is neither good or evil. It of late is. The only determining factor is your intentions that directs the life.

You could ask the accupuncturist what he meant. I can with the sole purpose guess. I would bet your ch'i was intensely active and stromg, and he have a hard time bringing it underneath control.
chi comes in different flavours, or frequencies.

Each being has a out of the ordinary vibration that suits them. If you own chi of the wrong frequency it is like ruuning an electric gadget near the wrong voltage.
Find another acupuncturist. Saying that Qi is evil is a judgment. Qi or perkiness has no positive or denial values. Its just strength. When we add adjectives, close to evil, to this energy, we are putting our own fears or beliefs on the get-up-and-go. Your acupuncturist has issues that entail to be resolved.
There is no such thing as evil Qi.

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