Does hydrogen peroxide expire?

I have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and within is no expiration date on it. Does it expire?

if the bottle been kept away frm sun, panama closed tight it shouldnt expire ,also while u use it dont let it touch the wound...else its not fitting to keep it long for use as it might cultivate germs within the bottle..& wouldnt be just the thing cleaner for wound...
so if u want it long keep it locked & use clean...& it wouldnt expire...
when it doesn't fizz anymore it is no apposite.
Yes, hydrogen peroxide is essentially an unstable compound, and eventually changes to marine and oxygen gas. The best place to store it is in your refrigerator, within a tightly closed opaque bottle.
It does not. There is no chemical sensitivity in the product chief. However if it is not properly stored it will convert itself into pure water and hence no apt for being used.
Hydrogen will eventually break down into wet. Look on the bottle some products stabilize the peroxide and state it on the drug facts.
It won't be expired but has to store properly. That is contained by a cool place that is away from sun next to the cap closed tightly.

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