Stress, anyone know of remedies that work?

I have tried Kalms but they are not helping. Would prefer pure remedies rather than prescription drugs. Trying relaxation excercises too. Thank you contained by advance.

try Saint Johns Wart. it's a inbred antidepressant derived from a plant extract. you can buy it from chemists. (see the vitamin section) or from a health food shop. it's supposed to be appropriate for mild / moderate depression.
bachs rescue remedy
I know its not an answer a lot of family would like to hear. But it is 100% crude. And it does relieve stress. Marijuana
Have you tried exercise? Exercise uses the hormones that make you stressed, drop off adrenaline etc, plus you get fitter contained by the process. Fantastic thing to do too if you are have a panic attack run somwehere get it all out of your system. Literally!
If you don't quality like exercise a moment ago put on some of your favourite tunes and hoedown round your living room.
scented candles...lemon redolent is best but other citruses work too
You could try getting more sleep, taking up different forms of exercise such as yoga, walking, jogging, relaxing contained by a hot bath, Tai Chi, turn on a holiday, take multivitamins or B group vitamins, horlics and heat milk, go shopping or to the movies - adjectives great stress relievers
I think Bikram Yoga works really economically. A good swiftly, extra sleep, a colonic, attacking the anxiety with efficacy, etc.
Marry Wanna
If it is coming from outside sources, understanding and forgiveness other seem to work the best. On the other foot revenge has given me total guilt free nouns a few times depending on with whom I am dealing. I can't donate you any advise if the source is from inwardly. Good luck!
I've recently started taking lactium tablets ( apparently research shows babies sleep ably due to the milk they take. I didn't believe it til I tried it, in a minute i sleep better, handle stress better & find myself more focussed, Rilax doesn't own any side-effects (non-drowsy, no weight flux, also auitable for lactose intolerant people) & its 100% natural, made purely from milk. Not too sure they put on the market in the Uk though , get mine from a pharmacist mate in Malaysia...
Hi Lynn, you could try Holosync Meditation, works great to relieve the body learn to traffic with stress.

Another adjectives thing is call EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and you can get free write ups on how to start this.

It's big for you to be well rested because sleep deprivation is itself a stressor on the body.

Watch your diet, some foods will receive you less tollerant to stress than others.

You can read more roughly speaking all of the above at http://www.livingwithrheumatoidarthritis... if you are interested.
Exercise really works for me. I used to catch very stressed, and a blast on my bike solved everything. When i be especially upset I'd push myself as hard as possible, its kinda like idea as punching a pillow. Oh yeah, don't punch a wall, I broke my mitt that way...

Pick a sport you resembling and get out and do your abwsolute best at it. The endorphins, PLUS the certainty you've acheived something will make you perceive much better. I choose cycling because it gives an amazing sense of freedom. Getting to the top of a tough climb and looking spinal column at the view is an amazing attitude.
Hi - I am a healer - and what works is really taking a look at you life and making some adjustment.

Definitely incorporate exercise, I love traditional yoga because you get the mind/body/soul nouns and it totally releases stress and gets you more on the edge. In traditional yoga, breathing exercises, chanting and meditation is used which is amazing for everything!

Massages are amazing for stress weakening and make a huge difference so receive one optimally once a week, or at least once every few weeks.

If you want to try something unprocessed for relaxation, you can take Kava Kava. Very relaxing. Taking baths contained by the evenings is also very relaxing.

Of course, the most big step in stress let-up is to take a look at whats stressing you out within your life and metamorphosis it! Usually our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. So whats going on within yours? Good luck to you!
Try real exercise.
The number one cure for stress is to remove the source, sadly that is not other possible.

Like others I too would suggest physical exercise. As well as the pious it does you from a general form point of view the hormones released while exercising (endorphines) are your body's instinctive "feel good" drug, these can be well brought-up at cancelling out the other hormones that net you feel stressed and emotional.
try carrying a botlle of lemon oil next to you and giving it a sniff when you need it
Make sport until you do not infer of your sorrows anymore.
PNT 200, it is like taking valium, but it is not a drug and it is not addictive. It is a unprocessed peptide. I can not tell you how stressed import tax time is for me, but 2 PNT 200's and the stress drains away; people in a minute call me Mr. mellow. It really works great.

God bless and righteous luck
Have you tried a couple of drops of essential oils within your bath? Lavender is vastly good but don't use it if you're pregnant. If you don't want to put the essential oil in the tub then use them contained by burners whilst you're watching TV.
I tried all sorts of alternative things approaching you !! Sadly none of them worked !

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