Why retalin have tranquil affect on children?

ratlin is a activator medicine but why it use for tranquil over active children?

Retalin is a stimulant that have the reverse effect on hyperactive children. Giving coffee to an hyperactive child has be noted to work also.
Its a stimulant, like drinking coffee... singular if you Google the word Ritalin, you will get over 400 hits revealing that Ritalin is more potent than cocaine.

Whatever happen to the days when drugging our children was simply out of the ask?
ritalin is yumm its like kiddy coce ya know!
Don't know, but my grandma told me that they used rat poison within it. Hope for these kids that they don't now!
Because, ADHD children are essentially being prescribed "legal" drugs that keep hold of the child calm adjectives day. Ritalin interferes near naturally occurring chemicals contained by the brain that control mood, alertness, etc. Methaphorically, it is like us self prescribed xanax's or something to that effect
first answer is right, think again!
if you smart plenty you would read this!


think again! http://www.cchr.org/index.cfm/9027/19846...

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