I want to presently something like sites where on earth i can cram on queue yoga?

i would prefer site of ramdevji maharaj

i would advise you to cram yoga from a yoga master in soul.. u might get informations around all the aasanas of yoga online but research directly from a teacher surrounded by a class is a wise point to do.
Watch ramdevji maharaj Yoga Classes in Samskar Channel
It is not hugely safe to swot up yoga by distance learning methods. Many drop out soon because expected results are not realize. Yoga is a way of life span and not a quick fix.
Best if you can cram this from a teacher one on one.
If you are away from a professor or cannot afford to visit a yoga studio, in that is a site that offers dozens of classes *and* that permit you to upload/transmit video of yourself so that a teacher can review your posture.

http://www.yogayak.com is the singular I know of that offers such a service.

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