If alcohol is a depressant?

why do i feel upright when i drink the amber nectar

You're not drinking enough. Keep on going until you rech the stage when you start complaing almost the girl who left you when you be 6 for the boy who could fart the theme tune to swap shop and later you will find the depressive qualities of alcohol.
never hear it was a depressant past. from what i know it amplifies how you are feeling at the time, so if your depressed it will form you seem more depressed. but equal is true if your happy it make you bounce
Yes u feel worthy when u r drinking, but it's the next year thats depressing when ur hungover.
You should try vodka jell-o.
it a depressant to your nervous system,,,,, your body,,,, not necessrily your mind,,,,,, although that can come about if you drink alot
Booze can be your best friend and your worst enemy.
Because it's not initially a depressant. It first act as a stimulant, then become a depressant. Explains why coffee is sometimes a good remedy after indulging a bit too much...caffeine is a stimulant. Plus, everyone's artificial a bit differently by these types of chemicals. Some are not as sensitive to them as others.
Alcohol has numerous effects, but ultimately it is classified as a main nervous system depressant--it slows down thought, reflex, body functioning.
Yes, but how good do you discern the day after?
it is depressant because its actual effect comes after the little high and i.e. why you keep drinking more to seize back the little high-ranking
nicotine is the same
dlin is right, alcohal depresses your on edge system making you feel more relaxed, which is why general public drink at parties and stuff so they arent like a cat on hot bricks about discussion to the hottie across the room. It is individual how your mind reacts to alcohal, for some relations it does make them have a feeling depressed, others are angry, others feel obedient.
yes the pharse
crying in your beer, is not freshly because you are drinking
I don't know about amber nectar but most beer have hops as an ingredient. Hops is a sedative muscle relaxant and it also lowers blood pressure. In the short residence beer will make you have a feeling relaxed happy and collectively good. Hard liquor does not contain hops
so its affects are stimulating surrounded by the short term contained by the long term beer make you more tired than vodka per say but both can go and get you drunk and hungover.
Alcholol is a temporary stimulant that, similar to sugar, gives the user a provisional high / burst of activeness. When the high falls, the user regularly feels tired and / or sluggish.
It is a depressant, but it does formulate most folks feel pious because it removes inhibitions. Whit those inhibitions gone you usually feel free, which is moderately pleasant.

On the other hand depressed fellow will feel even lower afterwards they after the first few moments on alcohol.

Furthermore I'd recommend you take special attention to how you surface when the effects are about to disappear. That feeling, you know the one where on earth you're a bit tiered and have smaller quantity energy? Well for most associates that's the depressing effect.
It starts off by anyone a stimulant and ends up by being a depressant.
You grain good because you probably don't progress too far with the stuff! Good luck to you, don't try going any further!
"Alcohol: The wreak and solution to all of life's problems."
-Homer Simpson.
Hi near! Yes, alcohol can be a depressant, if you drink on a daily foundation.

At low doses (1-2units), Alcohol can briefly produce a pleasant and relaxed state of mind and a euphoric effect that makes the individual more confident, more social and jovial.

However, even small amounts of alcohol (1-5units) produces poor coordination, slowed sensitivity times and temporary memory loss.

When alcohol become a real problem by immense drinking or daily drinking; the breathing nub in the brain can be artificial leading to oodles more serious symptoms, such as Depression.

This is characterised by: fatigue, disturbed sleep, early morning wake, poor energy level, poor appetite and dehydration leading to headache.

Also, heavy drinking can result in liver and stomach damage, eventually influential to cancer and even death.

I hope this help!
a depressant is any drug that slows the body
As the wife of a recovering alcoholic, I've dedicated much time to researching the affects of alcohol on the body. Alcohol enhance the brains receptors of inhibition and at the same time reduce the excitetory effects of glutamate. These actions are the key reason alcohol is considered to be a depressant.

However, the effects of alcohol can differ for respectively individual. For some, having one drink will work as a depressant and below par temperament, while for another having plentiful drinks will work as a stimulant and keep the "jamboree animal" awake all dark.

To find more FACTS about alcohol use, you can check the sources below.
Alcohol is sneaky. It depresses the dramatization of your central easily upset system, messes up your feedback systems, and depresses the functions of your frontal lobes. What this adds up to is that your judgement is impair so that while you are shagging the creep you'd run a mile from if your brain is functioning even half properly and it feel like A REALLY GOOD IDEA not to use a condom because solely the boring people do that. The shameful element is you even enjoy yourself. Till you remember what you did the subsequent day and hold to spend the next few days dodging the creep who think you are now best friends and is hoping for a repeat contest.
Then two weeks later you discover he (or she) have gifted you a penicillin resistant Sexually Transmitted Disease, which take ages to clear up. If you are lucky you realise you have be infected and don't find out years later when it have done something highly unpleasant and possibly irreversible to your insides.

Of course, the news is so depressing you basically have to enjoy a drink. Which is why alcohol is sneaky.
well make me feel fundamentally happy (likewise).. it slows down reaction and makes your thinking slow and speech nouns dead dumb.. so that's why.
Its a internal nervous system depressant-doesnt connote that it reduces mood.
Its similar to everything else we are not SUPPOSED to overdo, you pay for it surrounded by some way i.e. the hangover from hell, the shakes, the thirst, being sick, I won't budge on. So in other words wellied later night and whooping it up expends so much force and poisons your system, your nerves are shot to buggery so no wonder we feel blooody depressed. Only cure - another one. Same beside food - overdo it and you get sick and butter, but nice at the time, like bevvy.

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