Has anyone tried intestinal cleansing?

I did this one that was a full body cleanse. For more information run to http://detoxcleanse.tripod.com/...
yes, many individuals use a process Called an enema.
I'm sure someone has.
A virtuous fiber cleanse along with black walnut hull ( the latter tears thru any parasites) only at the most two weeks and follow directrions on bottles.
a colonic is great if done by a naturopathic specialist who have been trained to accomplish one. a colonic is not an enema. and enema just get the lower part of the colon cleared out where on earth a colonic is designed to go channel up and break off encrustations and increase intestinal muscle tone. Drink lots of distilled marine and follow the practitioners instructions. We are a chronically constipated society. For proper eliminations of waste we should be have a bowel movement for every meal we put away. or at least twice a morning. there is a illustrious quality supplement that I took because of chronic constipation that worked amazingly and the ingredients nominated are amazing and at such a good price. see the connection below.

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