Spanish fly?

i've heard of this stuff since my childhood, any one ever try it? What does it do and does it work?

It's of late like eagerness it makes you quality romantic .I'm sure u know what i mean.Honestly i wouldn't use anything that messes beside nature or that can hurt u.Spanish fly be used as a date rape drug as well as ethnic group would use it for getting romantic and to get the inkling of wanting to get romantic.I wouldn't touch any of that stuff if i where on earth u.U never know what people use to cause that stuff n it could give u a counterattack n kill u.

If anything, "spanish fly" works on men, not women:

If cantharidin is ingested by human males, as it is excreted by the kidneys it irritates the urinary tract cause spectacular swelling, called priapism, but this is pretty painful and does not result contained by arousal.

Yeah....we have viagra in our time. Anyhoo, that does nothing for women (except receive them call the cops on you for the intense headache you put them in by poisoning them).

There is with the sole purpose one real aphrodesiac that I am aware of (well, besides alcohol) and i.e. Kacip Fatima. Although you make this into a tea, I don't know if you could nickname it a true aphrodesiac. A woman probably couldn't drink this and become immediately aroused. Instead, she take it on a regular basis and it dramatically increases her libido ( also dramatically increases her, daddy).

You can acquire the real stuff here:
I only just went to this after hours store beside my wife,And we just happen to pick up some things;included was this so-called worlds greatest Spanish Fly.To me it did nought but waste my money and application.I think I rewarded $8.00 US Dollars.And it did nothing but offer me a sweet tooth due to sweet coffee taste.Maybe I get ripped off,I importantly doubt this is the same stuff my parents spoke around.
It is a toxic irritant composed of the ground parts of a specific beetle and has never really posessed the aphrodisiac properties once attrributed to it. Those misinterpreted properties be secondary to the irritant characteristics of it's metabolites and the reality that it causes intense genitourinary symtoms. Everything you never looked-for to know regarding the pertinent reference follow:

Spanish fly - Lytta vesicatoria

FAMILY - Meloidae

TAXONOMY - Meloe vesicatoria Linné, 1758. Type locality not specified.


PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS - Reaches 0.5–0.9 surrounded by (12–22 mm); slender, soft-bodied metallic golden-green beetle.

DISTRIBUTION - Throughout southern Europe and eastward to Central Asia and Siberia.

HABITAT - Scrublands and woods.

BEHAVIOR - When disturbed, meloids release the blistering agent cantharidin from their leg joints.

FEEDING ECOLOGY AND DIET - Adults nurture on leaves of ash, lilac, amur privet, and white willow trees; larvae are parasitic on the brood of ground nesting bees.

REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY - Develop by hypermetamorphosis, a type of complete metamorphosis within which first larval instar (the triungulin) is very involved, while remaining instars are more sedentary and grublike. Eggs are laid near the entrance of host bee's nest; triungulins crawl into nest on their own.


SIGNIFICANCE TO HUMANS - Bodies are occupied with the toxin cantharidin; elytra be once pulverized and marketed as an aphrodisiac as resourcefully as a cure for various ailments.

Cantharis - Description

Cantharis is a homeopathic remedy obtain from the insect Lytta vesicatoria; common name are Spanish fly or blister beetle. This beetle lives on honeysuckle and olive trees in western Asia and southern Europe. It is bright green and in the region of 0.5 in (1.3 cm) contained by length. Other names for cantharis include: Cantharis vesicator, N.O. Insecta, and coleoptera.

The Spanish fly produces a toxic substance call cantharidin. Cantharidin is a strong poison that primarily affects the urinary tract and causes burning twinge and vomiting. Cantharidian is caustic and cause skin blistering. Since homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars, a doctrine that say to treat a symptom with a diluted remedy that produces impossible to tell apart symptom is stronger amounts, this homeopathic remedy is used for illnesses that have burning niggle as a symptom. Because cantharis is a member of the animal territory, its activity excites the passion of animals. As such, cantharis is indicated for anger that is extremely severe with fits of wildness. Likewise, cantharis is indicated for conditions of the body that are extreme, ie. pain that is to say stabbing, burning, and sharp.

General Use

Homeopathic remedies are chosen based upon the specific set of symptoms and traits displayed by respectively patient. In common, cantharis is used to treat conditions characterized by burning pain and strong thirst but no urge to drink. Conditions for which cantharis is indicated will typically worsen speedily.

Cantharis is primarily used to treat cystitis, which is inflammation of the urinary bladder because of infection or irritation. It is also used to treat burns and blisters. Spanish fly was traditionally used as an aphrodisiac (increases sexual desire). It be also used to remove warts, treat baldness, increase loss of fluids (acting as a diuretic), and for rheumatic problems (inflammation and degeneration of the joints).

Mental Symptoms Treated With Cantharis

Homeopathy treats a person's adjectives being, mental and physical. The forgiving who needs cantharis can be confused and own odd thinking, may be maniacal and demonstrate raging fury or sexual frenzy, or may loose consciousness. The cantharis patient may be restless and excitable. He or she may be extremely thirsty but enjoy difficulty swallowing. Also, the patient may enjoy no appetite and a strong avoidance of food. Other mental problems that can be treated with cantharis include: excessive desire for sex (nymphomania), severe anxiety, screaming, querulousness (constant complaining), and insolence (being overbearing).

Physical Symptoms Treated With Cantharis

The intense urge to urinate and burning affliction are key symptoms for cantharis. Cantharis is indicated for the merciful who experiences rapid and intense inflammation of the urinary system. There is lower abdominal and lower stern pain. The severe burning discomfort associated with the urinary tract make the patient afraid to urinate. There is a frequent and urgent involve to urinate, however, only small amounts (drops) of urine are passed. The urine may contain blood. The lenient may experience hydrophobia (fear of water) and, although extremely thirsty, cannot drink water or even tolerate seeing or audible range water. A severe, stabbing headache may be present and the forgiving may avoid bright light.

Cantharis is also used to treat burns or skin conditions that resemble burns. It is used for sunburn, blisters, skin eruptions, and insect bites. Symptoms associated near burns for which cantharis is indicated include blister formation, searing pain, and nouns upon application of a cold compress. This remedy can relieve the pain associated near second or third degree burns. Cantharis is indicated for blisters that are burning and itching and grain better upon application of a cold compress.

The patient feel better at night and contained by the morning. Also, warmth, kind massage, and lying flat on the rear make the lenient feel better. Passing gas and burping clear the patient get the impression better. The patient feel worse in the afternoon, during movement, and by drinking cold sea or coffee.

Other physical symptoms or conditions treated with cantharis include:

* irritation of the digestive system cause a bloated stomach
* burning diarrhea
* colitis (inflammation of the colon)
* loss of appetite
* burning feeling within the throat
* considerable thirst without the desire to drink
* pleurisy (inflammation of the membrane surrounding the lungs)
* nighttime burning inkling on the bottom of the feet
* like a block of ice hands next to hot, red fingernails
* swelling and rash next to pus on the hands
* stings near black centers
* erysipelas (infection of lymph ducts)
* fast spreading skin infection
* eczema
* dandruff
* shingles (herpes zoster)
* eye inflammation
* tongue inflammation
* neuralgia (nerve pain)


Homeopathic canthous is prepared from the entire beetle, dried and powdered. It is commercially available as a homeopathic juice or tablet. Because of the toxic nature of cantharis, the tincture (an alcoholic extract) requires a doctor's prescription.

Cystitis is treated beside 30C of homeopathic cantharis every half hour, near up to six doses. Minor burns are treated with 30C of cantharis every 15 minutes for four doses. Blisters are treated near 6C of cantharis four times a day until the affliction disappears. Burns may be treated locally with wet containing a few drops of cantharis tincture. Shingles may be treated with an unguent made with 3X of cantharis.


Large doses of cantharidin (the poison produced by the Spanish fly found surrounded by cantharis) can cause a burning distress in the stomach and throat, difficulty swallowing, brutal vomiting, diarrhea, frequent urges to urinate, and possibly convulsions and coma.

Side Effects

Excessive doses of cantharis may cause symptoms of cantharidin toxicity including burning discomfort, vomiting, and frequent urge to urinate.


The belladonna, phosphorus, mercurius, sepia, and sulphur homeopathic remedies may be used to complement the activity of cantharis. Homeopathic remedies that serve as antidotes are aconite, apis, camphora, kali nit., and pulsatilla. Cantharis serves as an antidote for the homeopathic remedies alcohol, camphora, and vinegar. Homeopathic coffea and cantharis are incompatible.



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[Article by: Belinda Rowland]
Spanish fly is reputedly an aphrodisiac that produces uncontrollable sexual urges surrounded by women. The same effect that ground Rhino horn was thought to produce. Unfortunately, here is no such pill and it has be hyped for decades and decades. When I was a young person back within the 1950’s, boys would travel to the Texas/Mexico border towns to hunt for this infamous drug. They found pills, but nothing ever happen (other than the fact that they get ripped-off).

Use your sexual prowess to drive the women wild and please never resort to a pill. There are too tons strange concoctions (advertised to excite) that could seriously hurt someone and damage your trade.

Dr. T

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