Whats a apt site for alternative drug?

Type alternative medicine.com and rummage through for them, A lot of different ones will come up
www.alternativemedicine.com lol
For information, sources, and links on Chinese medicine run here http://www.tcmdirectory.com

For herbal medicine walk here http://www.holisticchineseherbs.com...
check this out! AMAZING, certified organic supplements. These are distributated surrounded by over 80 countries and have THE OLDEST multivitamin on the bazaar! www.kszymanska.qhealthzone.com... Let me know if you need more info on specific products!
A informative chinese medication site:

100% All Natural Supplement juice that fray and
prevent inflammation & disease.

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A great site for all kind of natural strength care question is www.mercola.com. A ton of good information on oodles different topics.
Licensed Human Health Care Professionals and Veterinarians can be invited to join the "Complementary and Veterinary Medical" enumerate by contacting Dr. Jan A. Bergeron at
and expressing interest surrounded by the list.

I've be a member for several years and find the record interesting and informative.

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  • Alternative Medicine

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