Somethings litterly wrong beside my obverse?

cuz like when i smile really big or even smile at adjectives the right side of my smile is perfect but afterwards on the left is similar to a half smile and when i crunch my noe or my eyes it dose indistinguishable exact thing it will do a partly *** job idk but its ly scareing my my grandma said it might enjoy to do with nerves surrounded by my facwe but i woder wut is wrong with my frontage and im rly scared!!

Don't be alarmed, go to the doctor.
I know someone who have something similar, but one side of her face drooped for a moment.
Turned out she had some benevolent of "palsy", it got worse from stress. They get her on meds, she's fine now, I don't know if she still take the meds.
Good luck, I'm sure it's nothing serious.

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