Is chromium polynicotinate (Chromemate) considered organic or a drug/chemical?

Any single trace mineral in chelated form (stabilized by amino acids to produce a mineral complex) are synthetically derived on a lab bench top.

Indigenous forms of chromium are inherently found with other metals contained by an ore form - these are hardly mined for consumption as supplements.

At present, the FDA does not endorse the chromium polynicotinate as a prescription drug. It is currently marketed as an OTC supplement, beside unsubstantiated claims of reducing blood glucose levels. awaiting FDA approval.

Not sure if I answered the examine.
It is a naturally occuring substance, but technically anything you put into your body is a drug, even if it's a vitamin or purely food.
Hi BeLOVED, An essential trace mineral, chromium is needed for the growth and health of the body. Among other things, it is needed for the breakdown of chubby, carbohydrates, and protein. Chromium has become the most popular mineral supplement contained by America, after calcium. It is also one of the most controversial.

Chromium is naturally available contained by the food we eat, and most individuals who eat a full-bodied diet do not need chromium supplements. But supplements (not in recent times of chromium) become indispensable in a high-fat diet that depends on over-refined ingredients. Therefore some relations develop a chromium deficiency, and within such cases, chromium supplements are necessary. Chromium comes surrounded by the form of a capsule, softgel or tablet. While near is no recommended dosage for chromium, 50 to 200 mcg taken on a daily justification is adequate for adults. Most chief vitamin-mineral combinations have plenty chromium to prevent a deficiency. The body seem capable of absorbing adjectives forms of chromium equally well. For optimal incorporation, it is better to combine chromium with vitamin C. Taking antacids may impair incorporation of this mineral. Excessive amounts of chromium may lead to a fewer in zinc.
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