Finger dull pain?

Does anyone know of any good supplements or topcal treatments for headache in my fingers?

Joint stiffness can be cause by a number of things. Four inexpensive and risk-free things to try would be:
1) Eat some nuts, Brazil, peanut, almonds, cashews, pistachios and walnuts are good ones but a mixed bag is best. They're rich in EFA (essential fatty acids) and magnesium.
-- About 1/4 a year. $.25-$1.00 depending on the mix
2) Drink some black cherry juice If your twinge is due to uric acid buildup this will relaxation it.
-- About 4 oz+ a day. $4.-5.00 for a 32 oz bottle of the natural stuff.
3) Fish Oil capsules help out with inflammation of adjectives kinds. Inflammation is frequently the underlying end in of pain.
-- 2-4 capsule a day $7-$15 for a bottle of 90 softgels. Go for one that's purified.
4) Vitamin C nourish collagen and joint tissue. if you're imperfect (and most of us are) it can help.
-- "Ester-C" is the best humane. About $7-15 for a bottle of 90-120

Hope this helps so you can hold on to on playing!
If you have a constant twinge in your finger you should not avoid the doctor or you could try putting a popsicle stick on it and wrapping it near tape?
manipulate them in jamaca..if explicitly how you spell jamaca? and say:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
close to arthritis? try an over the counter pain reliever, i similar to aleve. I had a cist within my wrist with tendonitis and it cause pain within my whole paw when I do anything too long. Just try aleve.
drink water or stop smoking chit

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