I took Strip Natural Cleanser back a Drug audition Drank 3 bottles .5 liter of dampen. and Threw up Does it work?

I drank a 32 oz bottle of strip Natural Cleanser and about 3 .5 litter of dampen. On my way to the drug testing about 10 min to the drug question paper I threw it all up. Just wondering if anyone know if it will still work

Not likely. You hold to flush your system by urinating the cleanser out, not vomiting it. Sorry..
depends on what drug.but I think you are busted
Those "cleansers" don't work anyway. There is no method to clean your body for a drug experiment. None. They have see it adjectives. If you used in the second 3-4 weeks----you will test positive. There is no approach to fool a drug screening.
nope..sucks for you..quit the drugs
When will you guys learn? You shrunken your money and most likely a drastically good opportunity to be a productive branch of society.

Like the others said, you're busted.
Not likely. If you threw it up, you simply got rid of it since it could even have the accident to work. Which, most likely, it wouldn't hold in the first place.
none of these test work i read up on them ona website about them if you can't sneak within a clean taster you are screwed.

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