I own have a middle ear infection. No medication is helping. My ears surface close to they are stopped up. Help!?

Charcoal poultice:
1 T. Ground flax seed
1 T. charcoal powder
2-3 T. of hose

Mix everything together and make it into a bond, soft ice cream consistency and put the poultice astern your ear.

Hydro tx:
Hot and cold compresses to the back of your ear
Hot compress 3 minutes
Cold compress 30 seconds-1 minute
Repeat this process for 3-5 times

Colloidal silver gooey
you can drop a few drops of colloidal silver into the ear that is artificial. It acts close to an antibiotic.

Garlic oil: 1-2 drops into your ear

Onion poultice: (steamed and mushed into a poultice works resourcefully too.

Dry heat oil lamp over the affected ear may relief with the backache
Try a few drops of rubbing alcohol in them every darkness and this has help me tremendously in former times.
I just have the same piece happen to me nearly 2 months ago. I went to the emergency and they give me ear drops which help to soothe the spasm then a perscription call Omnicef, which is an antibiotic for the infection it self. If you don't have medical insurance it costs approaching $95. but works really good. Its 500mg. And approaching any antibiotic, it only works if your taking it prompt. If you stop before the tablets is gone,your likely going to lead to the infection to come back. And when it comes final, its even worse. It took my ear infection to clear up in in the order of a month and a half. I hope this is the answer you be looking for.
Sorry? Could you ask a little louder? I couldn't hear you because your ears be all stopped up.

The rubbing alcohol point works.
i suffered from chronic ear infections as a child and whenever my ears felt stopped up i have to go to the ear Dr so he could verbs out all the pus(sorry i know its gross). I don`t know the medicine cant obtain to where it requests to go.
I not long had a middle ear infection, both ears. They didn't hurt, but be plugged up, like when you move about to the mountains, and they plug. Took meds, and month later, still plugged. Called doc, he said they would unplug on their own. Well, he is quantity right, the left one unplugged, but the right still plugged. So I'm waiting to see if it does also. Good luck, I hope yours unplug soon.
Mix 10 drops of mineral grease w/ 5 drops of tea tree oil (which is an anti-fungal) put 1/2 into ear strait and tip head so it will run down into ear waterway. Wait a few minutes and tip head within opposite direction to allow excess to drain out. Repeat after roughly 4 hours. When the mixture first enters waterway, it will feel a moment or two warm. Usually, it single takes two or three applications. Many drug stores and grocery stores transport tea tree oil. Its in the region of $12.00 per oz, but it works for so many things, you'll grasp your money's worth
Ear infections are usually bacterial. If you go to a Doctor they will prescribe you an antibiotic which surrounded by ,most cases will not work.
In Alternative Medicine, herbs that own antibiotic properties are more effective than prescribed antibiotics.
In South America, they use several different types of herb that have antibacterial properties.
There is a company that have a formulation of South American herbs for bacterial infections call Amazon C-F Support. Bacteria stays in the system, so it would be correct to take the C-F support for give or take a few two to three weeks.

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