St. John's Wort pill bottle unopened, expired 2004. Whats the worst it can do if I transport them?

like jessie said, in that are some drugs actually break down into unhygienic compounds long after expiring. if it had be expired a couple months its no big deal, but ego just throw it if its 3 years old-fashioned. herbs arent studied much so in that probably is little information on what the stuff does after it expires. it isnt that expensive anyway. a pharmacist will tell you to throw away any drug to be precise even a day ancient expiration because its a legal liability and if anything happen they could get their *** sued sour
Probably nothing will come up, but it best to always throw away expired pills (even though they are vitamins, and not prescription drugs).

Most of the time vitamins become adjectives, and you end up ratification them through your system.
A lot of it depends on who the manufacturer is and if they are certain to be reputable with virtuous quality products. The problem is that some companies don't do a remarkably good livelihood with even distribution of the primary ingredient and this can effect problems in of itself. There is also the issue that although most ingredients within supplements degrade over time in that are some ingredients that can actually become more potent - kinda approaching wine aging in a cask. High level of St. John's Wort have be known to be dodgy when not taken judiciously. It all depends on your experience beside the product and the manufacturer. If you know little or zilch about any it might be a risk and it might not. You get to choose.
You might want to ask the pharmacist roughly speaking that. Certain medication can become very potent and even lethal where others basically get weaker so you might want to bring the bottle in to them and tolerate them see exactly what ingredients are in that demanding brand and let them determine if nearby could be any problems. Probably not a problem but better safe than sorry.
The same entry you would to an unopened carton of milk that expired last year.
Nothing discouraging will happen, they only won't be as effective. Herbals later two years after expiration date-keep your pills in the fridge and they later longer.
The worst it can do is nothing. Why gamble away your time?

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