Tobacco uses: spiritual/medical?

I know that smoking is BADFORYOU!1!! but tobacco was origionally a blessed plant wasn't it? So what were the origional properties of it (spiritual/medical/etc...) that made empire value it, and contained by what ways can it be used other than smoking?

also, I know that the tobacco industry have a bad history/ cigarettes are full of other chemicals, but I want to know around the plant in a herbal outlook.


As I understand it the Native Americans considered the smoking of tobacco as a spiritual feat because they believed the prayers went up to spirit on the wing of the sacred smoke.
I judge they smoked/used other herbs beside the tobacco to enable them to perceive the spirit world.

The peace pipe be also smoked and passed ceremonially around a circle to ensure all 'elder or chiefs' partook within the sacred ritual which be binding.
i also believe the blowing of smoke onto affected parts of the body be supposed to transport healing strength in a sweat lodge.
The tobacco be also used as an offering to Mother Earth.

They key point is that smoking be considered a sacred conduct yourself and wasnt practised on a daily principle, it was reserved for ceremonial use not each day habitual use.
join made from tobacco or wet cut tobacco is great for drawing out bee toxin
Tobacco and religion are two of the most adictive things in humanity. But ya, tobacco draws the sting poison out and church is a plausible thing to shift to on Sunday but they don't allow smoking.

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