What are the denial effects of taking sleeping pills beside alcohol on a regular idea?

I have become concerned over my inclination to do this, primarily because the people who know I do it are concerned. I would love a doctors belief, because I obviously can't ask my own. I thieve 10mg of ambien with a couple margaritas. Experience would be a welcome source as well.

sounds close to you're becoming more tolerant to this. you might be an alcoholic.
You can die.
both are downers/depressants, so I assume some effects would be lowered heart rate and blood pressure, lower respiration rate, slower reflexes, etc. Also, respectively has to be filter out of your body in some mode or another, so there's that added stress on your liver and kidneys.
Oh, and alcohol dehydrates you, which could increase the effects of the sleeping pills.
Many sleeping pills are potentially addictive. Alcohol, most likely, increases the potential of becoming addictive. Not to mention the increased gloomy effects on the liver. I would suspect that increased depression of the CNS may make you more susceptible to blackouts and seizure. Moreover, if you were to drink too much, you may be at a greater risk of dying of alcohol poisoning or aspiration of your vomit.
The answer is short it can Kill you requirement I say more
Only a couple? Well consequently I guess you won't have any disagreeable reality concerns in the order of when they find your body. Not every one looks good covered contained by vomitus, but what the heck - - - you'll be smashed and - oh well, at hand we go again.
Depressant drugs specified as barbiturates, rohypno, roofies, ruffies, GHB, tranquilizers and other names are more than ever dangerous when used beside alcohol.

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Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to relax and to find good aspect sleep without any side effects.
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