Do detox pad for the foot really work. My mom have bought some "detox foot pads".?

These foot pads contain Tourmaline which is suppose to draw denial ions out of the body. Has any one used these or checked them out to see if they really work?

They are certainly worth a try. I haven't used them all the same, but have be curious about them. Supposedly, they also are supposed to draw poisonous substances from the body. You wear them at hours of darkness, and in the morning they are covered beside brownish gunk! Rather startling, isn't it? I don't know if they have be tested by the F.D.A., but I do know they are rather expensive. Your mom can present them a try -- they may or may not work, but I don't think they will spoil her in any track. Good luck.
Quackery at it's finest.
I have never hear of that.

Usually I recommend bathing in Bentonite Clay. It's a severely fine powder that you mix in your hip bath water and go swimming for at least 30 minutes.

Bentonite have a sponge like propertie that pulls toxins out of your body through your skin.

If she individual wants to do her foot, she could just soak her foot in it.

Bentonite is non staining, so you could engineer a paste out of it and wet, put it on an area on your body, run to bed, and wash it stale in the morning. It will not stain your sheets, or clothing.
She's fruitless her money. Negative ions are actually GOOD for the body. Positive ions are not. -they'll hurt more than anything
What she requests is a "detox hat" !
They purportedly work.

But if she is really interested in cleansing, after nothing beat actually going through the process itself. That route, she will be guaranteed that she is actually removing toxins.

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