Natural ways of lowering cholestrol.?

My throid doc has a short time ago put me on chol. medication, My chol;; is 5.2, i have started taking it but hoping to gain it lower naturally in the past my next blood theory test in 6 weeks time. I enjoy tumours on my throid and don't know if this is a contributary factor......I never had it this elevated before. Anyone get tips on food to avoid or eat please ?

Here are some links to relieve you:
hmm, i would just read out cheerios.
eat oatbran cereal, soy products, and green tea............u should see a drop for sure
Eat vegetables as much as possible - stay away from animals. Lipids are not impossible; animal lipids are. The oils surrounded by plants can actually lower cholesterol. Stay away from processed or mannerly foods, too. And exercise!
DO NOT TAKE THE PILLS you can do it naturally i did
my doomed to failure where soaring my good s be low.
i ate oatmeal, stopped eating beef, no hastily food at all , lots of chicken and fish and salads. but manifestly eat oatmeal every year for breakfast it eats your bads. contained by 6mths time my cholesterol was model and i lost over 10 pounds. trust me on this it works really well. but do not lug the pills they are temporary. drinking like i suggested will maintain you good because your total eating lifestyle change .
They say garlic and oatmeal are moral. Of course you wouldn't eat them together! And over time, they would be consumed, voice like every daylight for a month or two. Also fruits and veggetables. Use olive oil instead of greatly of butter. Exercise helps too. It sounds similar to your body is reacting to something if you own tumors on your thyroid. Maybe you could also request that your doctor do a test that would indicate what you're allergic to.

Double check near your doctor regarding other option.
My doctor said Fish (not fried), chicken, turkey, pork, and venison. All the vegies and fruit I wanted to chomp through. A bit of alcohol is OK. Oatmeal is good. Avoid dairy products.

Not sure how that would take action with your thyroid though. Perhaps you can consult beside a nutritionist.
I did not have your complications, but I lowered mine beside exercise three times a week (not killing myself, of late 45 minutes) and eating salmon, tilapia, nuts within my salad and two eggs a week (or none at all). Try that, it might help for you as resourcefully.
I really hope that you feel better.
avoid dairy products for sure and red meat. Thyroid can throw off your chol. it arranged to me now as we speak! It is a hormone of the gland. I own hypo type. I am on lipator. But I also take flax core oil on my salad, thieve garlic oil pills , and guzzle cheerios. Doc says it will clutch time! about 3 months and i should be losing the immensity too!
If you go on a fat-free diet you will lower your cholesterol stratum FAST. If you are unwilling to go fat-free, try a diet devoid of fairly hydrogenated vegetable oils. That method no deep podginess fried foods like fried chicken, no French fried potatoes, no regular margarines, etc. Try it by determining your cholesterol plane by using a home test tackle. Go on the fat-free diet for 2 weeks then re-test your cholesterol height. You'll be surprised.
i suggest you look for a naturopath in your nouns they can treat you with IV analysis cocktail of Vitamins that will help cleanse the fat out of your blood stream, the process is called CHELATION and it really boosts joie de vivre

Also you can buy an all pure product from a health food store or naturopath call ORALPLAX (lecithin) its a gel like substance i.e. used to dissolve fat contained by the blood and its then processed through your kidneys and Urinated out.

beside diet and exercise and increasing your fiber intake you can lower your cholesterol dramatically
The other suggestions are very suitable. Also try essential oils such as primose, cod liver, and flax core oils. They adjectives help the cardiovascular system and especially cholesterol. Good luck.

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