Why the druggies on the alternative pills site?

There are so many inhabitants on this site who want to get big or want to flush THC out of their systems... why would you go to the alternative prescription site for that?

Answer:    I've asked YA to make a separate cubicle for them quite a few times.
Basically, it's a product of medical marajuanna.

All the druggies will want to ask question about drugs, and at hand are so so so so many populace like that within our culture. Most drug users are newbies though and just do it because everyone else is in need actually knowing anything or have someone show them what to do. That's how things were surrounded by high academy for me, so I highly doubt things hold changed since then. Kids step online now, and AnQnA.coms ends up human being the place to go for warning.
My argument with the admins be essentially "no matter what deeply of druggies will come here, so just administer them one section you can moderate instead of have them mess other places up."
Thus far my petition has fall on death ears, and I generally just try to forget about drug questions.

Thanks for raise the issue again!
becasue they are looking for an "alternative" way to verbs up their pee. its most likely the solely subject line that would come close to what they are asking.
if it bothers you, verbs the next ask. She is correct. My friend is in his 50's and can't attain a decent chore because he's a pot smoker and won't stop. Oh he gets job, but if he gets hurt on the commission, he is screwed! Plus the jobs money always stinks.

Plus one and only wants morning shift and close to home. Ha! Good luck!
i wonder the same entry when i see them. drugs aren't alternative medicine. and if you want to leave behind the pee test don't do the drugs. i though that yahoo guidelines influence if it is illegal where on earth you live don't ask about it on AnQnA.coms.

i don't hang up out here a lot, but don't resembling to see drugs with alternative drug since it is much more credible than pot smoking and meth.
cause they have an idea that they can get lend a hand for thier problem when they really need to do is travel check into a drug treatment center to get the right sustain that is needed for them Because it's the closest category, here isn't a "recreational drug use" category, so they just carry thrown here.
Excellent question thalesgirl! I've be wondering the same piece. I guess they don't know where else to ask, but it is kinda insulting that they post it here. It promotes the belief that alternative medicine is somehow "shady". Yeah I enjoy been wondering why they come here wanting to know where on earth to get drugs myself!
They come here because they want us to right to be heard goldenseal and this that and the other thing will flush it out so you can smoke on your track to the drug test, do this miracle cure and still go beyond the test. If they can't resist it long ample to get it out of their system I don't know how they are going to clear it through a days work.

Thing is they caught on to what people do to overhaul the test and exam for them too.

Might want to bring it to yahoo's attention.
Good question. It bothers me too. Alt Med is NOT in the region of illegal drugs and how to cheat a drug examination! If they can't figure out which category, I'll communicate them! Go to Politics & Government - - Law Enforcement & Police. If there is a approach to pass the drug try-out, I'm sure someone there will know. ;-) And at most minuscule the druggies would be headed contained by the right direction.

It is an insult to think that Alt Med answerers would share someone how to keep doing discouraging things to their health and lying roughly it.

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