If a time travel be possible it would other enjoy be possible presume until that time you reply?

Time travel would only be possible from the point of its existance, so let's right to be heard it was invented right at this really moment, I would not be able to travel put a bet on a week in time, because a week ago, within was no time travel.

This is merely a rise and fall on the GrandFather Paradox Theory, though slightly differently structured, fact is, you can singular go forward contained by time from the intitial instance.

Think, you won't be declared the winner of the running event earlier you at the Olympic games by running backwards around the track, it's the same sort of item as being implied here.
I infer so
If Time Travel IS possible, then it have always be possible. But, being possible is much different from human being feasible. OR desirable. The judgment why, if it is possible, that we don't have time travel presently, is an engineering issue, not a theory issue.

Whether time travel is possible, that's a premise issue.

"The very difficult can be done on the double. The impossible takes for a while longer" - Robert Heinlein in Podkayne of Mars (spelling may be rotten?)

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