Do hot and cold variety you sick?

There is a supersticion in my husbands domestic that drinking cold things are harmful, or that children must other be bundled up, even in heat up weather. Is there any science related to this lunacy? Could being cold brand you sick?

No way!!! Drinking things that are too cold might be discomfited if you have sensitive teeth or if your body is exceedingly warm but it definitely isn't harmful. However, the body's gift to absorb gooey is much easier if the fluid is closer to body temperature and you may discern more refreshed. I other drink water at room heat for this very rationale. Secondly, with regard to the 'bundling up' strategy; it is highly recommended by most (if not all) child thinking experts to AVOID over bundling your children - it is not necessary and will eventually diminish their inherent ability to retain a in shape protective body temperature. If your child is sweating within the clothing they are wearing, then they are overdressed. Not singular is this uncomfortable for the child but totally un-necessary. Recent studies are start to show that it is not being cold that cause a cold but being raining while cold - I've attached a link to be precise interesting regarding this study. I hope your not more confused presently than before - this answer might seem to be somewhat contradictory.
Nope, but the sweet and sour with extra MSG make me pretty ill.
Of course not. GERMS form you sick, not drinks or weather. GERMS. You can bundle up all you want surrounded by warm weather.....if any of you touch something covered surrounded by germs and then touch your eyes, muzzle or'll get sick.
I don't come up with there are any experimental studies that say drinking cold things is desperate for you.I think adjectives that would do is make your digestive system work harder.As for bundling the children surrounded by warm weather,becoming overheated can do much more mar than being cold,such as heatstroke,dehydration,and more.
When your body get cold, it can temporarily weaken your imune system, cause the likelyhood of you catching a cold from common germs a high probability.
I haven't heard anything going on for hot, nor cold liquids.
When your body heat is brought down by the cold (or up by the heat), it will make you more susceptable to disorder from germs, but there are heaps factors that can lower your immune system's aptitude to ward off illnesses cause by germs. A poor diet, for example.

Even if bundling up your children were beneficial to staying heathy- What's the point of one healthy if even within warm weather, you are extremely self-conscious! Unless your kids are extemely susceptable to illness, it only isn't practical.
that is not true...i agree beside the person that sed germs receive you sick, but also, bundling up in the melt weather can make your kids sick...becuz they may bring back dehydrated if they sweat alot from the boil

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