Does too much caffiene increase arthritis ache?

Im a 52 year old feminine and I can tell you that caffeine will emphatically flare up your arthritis. I found this out by acident and know its true.
I had my arthritis below control and then took up drinking coffe at work because a different co-worker always made a fresh pot everday and it smelled so angelic I couldnt resister.
I had coffe and notice within a few hours the throbbing would
start=mostly aching within my feet and rear. I guit drinking it for a few days to retest my suspicion & was right.
I also looked on the internet and found a site that mentioned coffee and fried foods can irritate it.
There is some really pious information about it out here.
if you just look.
Good luck
It can. Caffiene can increase inflammatory factor in the body.
Anything to be precise too much is bad. If you cannot resist drinking coffee, may I suggest that you try this:

DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 In 1 is specially blended near coffee beans of the finest quality and 100% pure Lingzhi beside no artificial colouring, flavoring and preservatives.

With only .06% of caffeine, that`s why it is very refreshing and strong. It is suitable for everybody. Its convenient packing ensures that you can savour DXN Lingzhi Coffee any time and anywhere.

DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 In 1 is so good that you never want to miss your coffee breaks.

Contrary to popular beliefs, this coffee help cure arthritis, migraine, hyperacidity, and even maintain average blood pressure.

Dens :-)

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