Symptoms of a migraine?

could someone tell me adjectives the possibel symptoms of a migraine? could you have a zig zagged distorted shape contained by your vision since the migraine comes? follow by nausea and headache? my headaches get hold of bad, but they dont give the impression of being to last too long usually. is this a migraine?

I other get reverie distortion as a precursor to my migraines. To be more specific, I start to see pink spot. Then the neck throbbing starts, followed by the nausea, shoulder pain, bedside light sensitivity then the mother of adjectives headaches. My migraines usually put me out of comission for several hours, and I even have one last a full sunshine before. Since I attain them so infrequently (about 4-5 a year), I am not on any prescribed meds. I try to lie within a dark room next to a cold cloth over my forehead and eyes, and also a cold cloth across my shoulders around my neck. This seem to help and I try to sleep it past its sell-by date.
Yes, as soon as you see any of the first symptoms take some med and you wont carry it. ...theyre horrible.
It sounds like a migraine. The distorted shape phantasm is called an aura. If you whip medicine as soon as you own the aura you can keep the headache from getting too desperate.
Sounds like one to me. Usually, anything that affects mirage is proof of a migraine... since it is the optic nerve that a migraine effects... Your doctor should know how to diagnose it rather at the double and give you a rx that would work.
some population have auras when they are coming..mine usually purely warning..desk light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, nausea, headache..mine feel like somebody hit me contained by the head next to a hammer over and over again... Nausea, vomiting, you discern like DEATH would be a blessing..hope that help..some migraines last 15 minutes..some can later days...
I don't get them that habitually..and i am so thankful ..but yes your team leader hurts so bad it make you sick..and light realy hurts ya..I hold to stay in a gloomy room with a raining ragg on my face.
Yes, that is to say the visual aura, last anywhere 20 mintues followed by a headache with nausea or vomiting, intensified by uproar and light, headache is pounding, concluding 1-2 hours or longer. May last 24 hours or as long as a week .May convert from side to side with respectively attack. Relieved by dark subdued room, sleep or drug in the triptan assortment.
yes that is the auora.hold the pain meds as soon as that happen,usually a prescription med will be the only entry that works..rarely enjoy I found that an over the counter pill will work,and get out of the light/sunlight right surrounded by a dark room. In extreme cases stir to the out patient dept they will grant you a treatment either surrounded by a shot or iv drip form.ask your doc for a migraine med to have on appendage for such emergencies.
Yes those are adjectives symtoms of a migraine, I love Excedrine but make sure that if you nick it you use the right one such as the day or darkness since the day contains deeply of caffeine. Take it as soon as you start feeling the symptoms such as seeing the aura (your windy shape), for some it's a circle or blotch, it can also start out like motion sickness does. If it's too belatedly then don't be afraid to report to people to grant you some space, just read aloud migraine and most will understand, if they don't oh capably. If you get them recurrently such as more than twice a month it would be a good belief to see a doctor since they can help you avoid the migraine triggers.
YEP and you want to know who put the combat boots on the cat. See your Dr. mine give me imatrex injections. This works great but now at hand is a new pill on the marketplace thats better and no shots< it's a little costly , but worth it. See your Dr. as they solitary get worse and can be incurable.
Smoke pot. That'll cure it.
This could be a migraine. When I get mine, the delusion in my right eye get really bad, my eyes are sensitive to pale, I get nausea and a sharp, throbbing throbbing behind my right eye. Hope you surface better. If you get them too repeatedly try talking to your doctor almost taking something to prevent them. I take Inderal LA 80mg to prevent them. I used to grasp 5-6 a month and now I with the sole purpose get them once within a while. The inderal doesn't work to stop the pain but they back prevent. Good luck

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