Does this disturb you?

Getting vitamins by perscription only, that's
what the FDA is wanting to put surrounded by effect.

Learn How the Pharmaceutical Industry & the FDA
are Endangering Your Health for Profit.

When you are sick it is highly profitable to diverse giant corporations.
When you are well, it doesn't profit them much at adjectives.

(Please note that at times drugs are
called for and helpful, some can be
effectively treated short drugs or

This tells me that relatives are very successful
treating their selves or the pharmaceutical
companies wouldn't grain so threatened

Check out this web site for more info.

Sign the petition to stop the FDA from taking our
vitamins away

I won't turn to websites since I had a virus from that, but I'm near you. The drug companies continue to push hormone dream therapy for women going through menopause, even though staticts have proven it raise their chance of breast cancer. I refuse it, & when the doctors asked me why, I told them that my mother died from breast cancer & then they back off. They should own asked those questions first. I enjoy osteoarthritis & high blood pressure. I will purloin the meds for the blood pressure (plus I monitor it myself) but the pain meds individual when needed. A friend who is an organic gardener & is literary on vitamins recommended a vitamin for me & I checked it out & she was right. People requirement to educate themselves going on for meds & vitamins. The government have no business in our personal lives. Including reproductive choices, but that's another subject.
Getting vitamins solitary on prescription is MUCH better, they finally came to their senses.
Now folks like you (with no medical qualifications) cant self-prescribe themselves.
thankfulness for all of your information and cooperation.
but all men,women shift to the doctors when there is a covering of danger ,but they move about for reducing their anxiety and for mental satisfaction also,doctors and pharmacists may lift it as business but not all doctors and pharmasists are adjectives equal, you and me and we are conscious about when to jump to the doctor or wait and apply elementary strength knowledge within treating ourselves.
You know I am getting vitamins every day... vitamin C,E, B complex and some times carnosine and Q10 lemonade. I go and get them because I want to, and I don't have problems. Also I don't return with ill, even if everyone around me is in poor health...!
Yes, I heard just about this, and I've already given the FDA my $10 worth of 2 cents.

I've also contacted my senators and representatives as well.

It's sickening. We are going to become the biggest biological experiment of drugs and cloned foods if the biotech and pharmaceutical companies procure thier way.
Yes, political affairs intervention disturbs me.
I am furious at the FDA. I have writen to them and congress. They are trying to steal our freedoms!
What a shame. This is adjectives about GREED. The FDA is a banter. Do your research, people!

I significantly recommend that people read the book "Health Myths Exposed" by Shane Ellison, a former Pharmaceutical Chemist.

Thank you for posting this; the more attention this issue get, the better!
Want to take exploit? Here's what I received from WMTI :

FDA and Your Practice

This is serious business and can impact your right to use the products you choose to affect your own health, not to mention the robustness of others. Take action in a minute!

There is a crisis in strength freedom. On April 30, 2007 the FDA will close the public comment period on a "Guidance" which will classify every alternative practice as pills so that only licensed physicians can take out the procedure AND vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc., will suddenly become "untested drugs" which will be forbidden.

[P]ublic outcry can stop this assault on your strength and your freedom. Spread the word! Tell everyone ... how important their contribution is to make sure the FDA back off from this repressive course.

Please share this connection with them and urge them to nick action:
Yes this piece disturbs me But I know my limitations ! How can we do something to this ? Many diseases are such that can be treated with the household remedies and logically many among them are self limiting! Every society and culture should try to create this publically understood that what is occurring and it is a joint responsibility above all on medias and electronic medias 1 God bless there ! Always YouRsmE
This stuff is nought new, I started getting into unconscious health and vitamins contained by the 1980's and have be trying to warn empire about this. The FDA and the drug companies are within bed together. The drug companies have more lobbyists contained by washington then any other business, they want to put up for sale us drugs.
They are warning the public nearly the hazards of taking too masses vitamins, well when's the ending time you heard almost someone dying or getting sick from a vitamin?

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