Taking a better dose?

Ive been on Zoloft for a month immediately on 50mg and havnt seen any effects and my doctor told me to start 100mg from today..do you have a sneaking suspicion that if im on a higher dose it may start working?

and am i competent to take 2 50mg tablets for very soon until i buy the 100mg..


Yes.. you may start notice the effect of Zoloft at the higher dose. And yes.. you can pocket 2 tabs of 50mg to product a 100mg per day. :)
Yes you may spy effects at a higher dose. You can appropriate the 2 50mg tabs till you run out and after get the 100mg tab.
do as dr say and other get near him if you feel yukkie
This happen to my Daughter-in-law. The doctor raised the dosage and she is much better.
Hope you own the same virtuous results.

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