Stop dreaming?

i smoked pot up until 2 weeks ago.. i never used to dream.. one of the reasons i loved weed... i own horriable dreams all the time.. is in that any way to stop dreams?

try using a dream catcher. Not the manner bought in a store, but one made by a physical shaman. They work. At about 13 my mom bought one for me. I am very soon 27 and I still have it flaccid over my bed. I sleep much better with it. You could also own some lavender in a pouch essential the bed. The scent is very comforting, and can help you sleep better.
Put simply NO you cant contol that fragment of the brain taking more time out during the day to relax may contain them a little but you hold no control over them not even with any medication sorry.
no but sometimes you can conveyance them
no silly every one dreams when they go to sleep but im the type if i lay on my stern then i enjoy bad dreams so try different positions and yes everyone dreams even those who dont remember their dreams gl

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