My co-brother is suffering from chronic pancreatitis. Any cure contained by Ayurvedic medication?

He is just 42 years hoary. He gets distress in belly frequently. After ERCP test, doctors found that he have chronic pancreatitis. Can it be cured permanently by Ayurvedic Medicine? Please push for, if we can go to Baba Ramdev for the cure.

You should be contacting a licensed professional to relieve you with central life problems similar to that.
Keep Hope Alive!
Had acute pancreatitis at the age of 43, has he a tentative condition or does he drink a lot...? One of the side affects of pancreatitis is extermination... do not play around... get minister to... My kidneys shut down....11 days in icu and 21 days surrounded by hospital... No fun...
Only his doctor can answer that question. If he smokes, he requests to quit, because smoking causes pancreatic cancer. He requests to get his immune system working properly.
Chronic pancreatitis can be toxic. Please seek the proper medication. Ayurvedic medicine is too distrustful to leave your life span in their hand.

Pancreatic cancer leads to destruction in smaller quantity than one year. Please see a physician.
try homeopathic medine but look for a licensed homeopath call her and ask the for a referal or check their website
i would start next to doing mild liver cleanses as the body is a whole,and adjectives it,s parts make up the total sum of one-ness.

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