I took 4mg of Lorazepam. How will I quality soon?

please anyone

wait and you'll see.
asleep I reason!!!
WOW hope you don't die!!!
Why did you take lorazapam??
You will consistency relaxed and sleepy...and depending on how much you weigh or how old you or if you're allergic to it..depends on if anything else will evolve.
NEVER take something specifically not prescribed to you by a doctor*~
THAT IS ALOT!!!!!! This is in one dose at like peas in a pod time??

I take .5mg and I acquire sleepy. At the most I take 1mg. If you don't go and get sleepy even if you do, you may get dizzy and nauseated. I would ring or go to the hospital. I hope you didn't pilfer anything else like sleeping pills, sleeping medication or anti-depressants beside this. If you did you need to telephone call 911 or have someone lift you to the hospital.

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