Suggestions for therapeutic leg fracture?

My 9 yr old son have a spiral fracture of the tibia. It's been set and casted. I'm purely wondering if there's anything I can do to help speed his seizure. I've been told to up his protein intake, but save for that, I'm pretty clueless. I love to hear any suggestions. Thanks so much!!

Well, obviously drink more milk (calcium) & rob a quality multi vitamin/mineral supplement, such as Spirulina.
Avoid soda during this curative time, as it has be proven to weaken bones. The phosphates surrounded by soda are not good for human consumption.
Also, the herb boswelia is polite for fractures.
ive heard consumption seaweed and lettuce helps restore to health breaks quicker
Avoid all caffiene it depletes your calcium so would not assist him to heal and Vit. C other helps uplifting.
It is a proven fact that low voltage electricity help bone fractures heal faster. If you could bring back like a tens section.(if you know what that is) and put it right above where the die is and put it on a low setting that will help the bone to grow support faster. Also keeping his injured leg elevated will help. Good luck!
one of the great things almost acupuncture is that if an arm/leg is swollen or in a issue you can actually treat it via the other arm/leg. its also a honourable idea to hold him up and walking on it as soon as it is safe and comfortable to do so as the bone will grow and repair according to the stress applied to it, obviously you should check with your gp first to avoid doing further overexploit.

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