Is it possible to grow any taller after your teens and do these growth pills and/or exercises work?

you would just be better past its sell-by date and spend less money by putting dung surrounded by your shoes and hope for the best
supposedly certain types of stretches work. I've never one-sidedly done them but I've heard that they do and that they don't work. So I guess it's adjectives just a trail and error entry. Good Luck
girls stop growing at 16 boys at 21.the amount of exercise you do won"t make any difference,i don"t know something like growth pills,i would check with your G.P.
Your body will hold on to growing until it matures at almost age 25.

Growth pills, as are diet pills, are a complete waste of money
yes u can adjectives you have to do is involve yourself in in a sport that involves jump like basketball or jumprope
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There is a surgery where on earth they break the bones in your leg and set later a few mills apart in a metal frame. When the bone heal it is stretched out a bit. They do this a number of times. In the documentary I saw the guy get an extra 2 inches on each leg. But the strain he had to walk through didn't seem adjectives that worth while if you ask me. Small guys seem to bring back all the women contained by my opinion. I'm 6' 4" and I'd resembling to be a bit smaller lol!
Yes, it is. I was 5'4 up until 19. I am 5'8 1/2 presently. I turn 25 in smaller amount then a month, but freshly last year alone I grew 1.5 inches. It can surface, but yet it is not usual.

And... No, I didn't appropriate anything or do exercises.
I went to live surrounded by Austalia when I was 20 and I get measured at the doctors for my passport - I was 5ft 1 inch. Five years latter I got measured again at the hospital by which time I be 5ft 3 1/2 inches. Don't know about exercises or pills but my experience be that you can grow when you are in your twenties.

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