If colliodal silver have a strong bitter fancy, is something wrong next to it?

Hi TrishaRae, qualitative Colloidal Silver has no tang. All-natural Colloidal Silver, using only 99.99% pure silver and “nanopure” hose. It is made using a unique electrosonic process, the best method, that yield true colloidal particles contained by the more desirable and stable 1-9 nanometer (.001-.009 micron) range. Usually, it is taken out loud with the dropper. It may also be mixed beside water or other liquid, or applied topically.

Not qualitative Colloidal Silver may taste a touch bitter and metallic.
Jason Homan
yes it is old...it should own very little drink.
My mother used to take it, and I don't withdraw her ever mentioning a bad savour.
The one I use has no swallow at all.
silver is a toxin and should not be taken contained by any form; especially not when expired and bitter

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