Is it possible to live completely rotten of suppliments? Herbal, Vitamin, etc.?

I'm just wondering if it would be possible for a creature to survive completely off of zilch but herbal, mineral, vitamin, etc. suppliments, and water?

no, because a soul needs calories, stout, and protein to survive.
No. The body needs food and fiber, too. I thought more or less this when I was within high academy and toyed around with strange design as I studied biology and stuff like that. Then a read that in attendance is more to nutrition than just vitamins and minerals, but the body wishes all the other things that are found within vegetables and meats. The body will not function properly near an empty stomach adjectives the time. Good luck.
No. They're called 'supplements' because that's adjectives they are. They supplement a nutritional, healthy diet.
These may provide necessary micronutrients which are not found sufficiently in your diet, or the diet of copious others, but you still need "food."

The rule of thumb is: Supplements are intended to Supplement, not Substitute, the benefits of a flawless diet.
of course not,and ur body cannot involve suppliments without food.

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