How does Prune Juice work?

How does Prune Juice work on your innards? I know what it DOES, but HOW?

It is a high fiber food which help to loosen the food/waste material.

Found this on the trellis to explain how it all works:

When within is adequate fiber within the diet, the fiber (viewed as millions of tiny water attracting particles) mixes near the stool. Each particle soaks up available solution, and enlarges into a minute gel bead. These particle give the stool size shape and moisture, making it trouble-free for the colon to move along easily.

To work properly two other circumstances must also be right; passable water for digestion, and adequate lubrication of the colon bin liner. We require 8-10 (8 or 10 ounce) large specs of water each day. Water can be any liquid, whether it is tea, coffee, milk, fruit juice, soft drinks, or other beverages that agree with you. Milk products may be above all gassy, due to the fermentation of milk sugar, i.e., lactose, in the colon.

In decree to lubricate the passage, the colon manufacture mucous. If the colon is dry, i.e., one has too little mucous, or drinks too little dampen, the stool will be hard and dry and will stick to the colon requiring that one strain to remove.
It has a laxative type side effect for lots of individuals. Just like if you chomp through to much black licorice or sugar free black licorice it can cause you to enjoy loose bowels.
Go ask a doctor or go online to numeral out "how" it works.
It works like a laxative because of the ingredients used to formulate prune juice.

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