Natural herb for a sinus infection,what do i have need of?

i have no insursance and im dying near this sinus infection i get every year.what can i bring over the counter?

I have other found this to work. I usually get Vicks vapor rub and put on my foot and cover with socks. Do not use alot but plenty to slighly cover your feet. I also use BC power Sinus--red pack. That brand is markedly hard to find. They pulled it bad the market because of those using it to make crystal meth, but usually tablets shops carry it. If you stir into a medicine shop, spawn sure to have your i.d. card, they write down adjectives your information. If I don't find that, I use Aleve Cold and Sinus and it works just fine too.

Good Luck on this horrible and expensive problem. I have it ever immediately and then but I cure it so briskly, that it doesn't bother me like it use too. I would wrap up up spending alot of money until my doctor told me to try this instead of constantly coming in beside the same problem.
I recommend Nasilx it is safe and sound and not really natural herb but it works.
I am not aware of any untaught herbs for sinusitis. But you may try acuupressure. The details of treatment are given on my site :

Please tolerate me know your progress.

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