I enjoy a small cold. Field trip tomorrow?

i have a small cold (its not exceedingly bad) followed by occasional coughing and a sore throat. the cold and sore throat, i dont mind, but the coughing is driving me up a wall. Plus i have an awesome enclosed space trip tomorrow so i dont wanna miss it but how can i control my cough so that i can go lacking infecting everyone? yes i have tried prescription but is there anything else?
Home remedies? Certain Medicine?

Put Vicks vaporub on your throat a a short time in your nasal passage while you sleep tonight. You should be much better in the morning.

Take cough drops of late in overnight case.
1 bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup
1 chewable vitamin c (orange flavored)
2 glasses of river
12 hours of sleep
2 cough drops candy for the trip

works all the time ;-)

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